The Blog Formerly Known as HardBoiledGirl

Friends! Bloggers! Countrymen!

I’ve missed you. No, I have. I’ve missed talking about movies on the information superhighway, so I’m back in what I think will be a more sustainable format. I love noir, and I’ll keep writing about it, but I’ve found myself wanting to write about everything, thus, ANOTHER NIGHT IN. Same bat time, slightly different bat channel. And, I’ll be focusing on something I do a lot of anyway – The At-Home Film Festival, wherein I curate different film festivals for myself and occasionally unsuspecting friends and loved ones.

By the way, I’m Leah. Ex-film and acting student, I make lists, write fiction, have pet rats, love 60’s pop and wear dresses pretty much exclusively. I love Golden Age Hollywood, historic tours, and live in constant anticipation that someone will bring up Hitchcock or 70’s slashers.

Which brings me to my inaugural feature and a personal favorite of mine – HOLIDAY HORROR! A girl can’t dine on good cheer, family hijinx and personal sacrifices alone. Nope, there comes a time when you need some bad taste and… actual sacrifices. PUNISH.

By all means, follow along at home if you’d like and get at me to discuss our mutual love of xmas scares. By the way, I’m happy you’re here.


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